seat Cushions

Perfect for car, sports stadium, office and other seating when you need a little extra comfort.

Because you probably spend a lot of time in your car, why not make your ride as comfortable as possible? Kraco®, ScotchgardTM and Dickies® brand Seat Cushions feature innovative designs and state-of-the-art technologies that provide an extra layer of comfort and support to give you a smoother ride while giving your back a rest. Plus, you’ll find all kinds of other uses for these cushions to make your life easier. Take them to a baseball game or picnic to soften up hard seat surfaces. Or use them at your desk to add a premium feel to your office chair. They’re portable and easy to install. And, with a selection of fabric, neutral colors and designs, you’ll find one to suit your individual style.

Improve Comfort

Add Support

Take Anywhere

Easy to Install

Kraco®, Dickies® and ScotchgardTM Seat Cushions make any seat feel like your favorite chair.