Black Magic®
Window Tint

High quality DIY window tint gives your car added comfort, protection, safety, and style.

No doubt about it, tinted windows enhance the look of your car. But the benefits don’t stop there. Kraco® Black Magic® Window Film is designed to improve privacy and comfort while protecting your vehicle’s interior by reducing the sun’s damaging rays to help prevent fading and other damage. With window tint, your car stays cooler and it can actually improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Plus, it reduces glare while blocking the effect of direct sun and reflections.

Discover the benefits of Black Magic® Window Film.


Reduce Heat


Protect Interior


Cut Glare


Add Style


Increase Privacy


Improve Comfort


Kraco® offers the highest quality DIY window tint available.

black magic window tint

Black Magic Window Tint

black magic window tint

How To Apply Window Tint

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